Media Ministry

With the use of technology, the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be ministered through audio/video transmission and through online portal (internet, etc.).

Deacon/Deaconess Ministry

Assist the Pastor in providing total Congregational Care which includes benevolence, family assignments, and general support to carry out the functions of the total ministry.

Trustee Ministry

Care for the physical/general assets of the church and to provide the legal administration of matters at the approval of the Church, with recommendations by the Pastor.

Ushers/Greeters and Nurse Ministry

Provide Christian service by welcoming and assisting visitors and current members to various worship services and events; and to provide general medical aid in times of emergencies.

Christian Education Ministry

Provide spiritual and biblically sound teaching and Christian education for all ages. (e.g. Sunday School, Children/Youth Bible Study, Vacation Bible School, Wednesday Night Mid-Week/Bible Study, etc.).

Music Ministry

Provide the total administration of Praise and Worship in all worship settings, to include weddings, funerals, and other special events. (Youth Choir, Young Adult Choir, Senior Choir, Male Chorus, Praise and Worship Team)

Transportation Ministry

Provide transportation assistance to and from worship services and special events.

Young Adult Ministry

Ministering to ages 18-45 with events and platforms to encourage inclusiveness and contemporary methods in spiritual development.

Children/Youth Ministry

Ministering to ages 0-17 through appropriate spiritual, educational, and social activities that aid in the growth of children and youth. (e.g. Children Church, Youth Church, etc.)

Senior Saints Ministry

Involving and ministering to ages 55+ with social, spiritual, health and wellness, and financial empowerment.

Performing Arts Ministry

Voice and dance expression to glorify God through the arts while demonstrating style and spirituality. (e.g. Mime Expression and Youth Praise Dancers)

Evangelism/Missionary Society Ministry

Provides education and evangelism training to become missionaries and evangelist in the community and around the world. (e.g. Brotherhood, Matrons, Crusaders, Red Circle, etc.)